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Humphrey’s Corner

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Humphrey’s Corner is a story-led design property featuring a charming little elephant called Humphrey. He lives with his Mummy, Daddy, big sister Lottie and baby brother Jack.

The brand was first launched in February 1998 in the UK, through what quickly became a successful and popular range of greeting cards. It is now recognized as a successful long-term classic property with key success and exposure in the UK and Australia. Major retailers supporting the brand in the UK include Mothercare, WH Smith, Tesco and Boots whilst in Australia David Jones, Baby Bunting and numerous specialist nursery retailers range Humphrey’s Corner products.

Humphrey’s Corner is focused around the creator and illustrator, Sally Hunter’s childhood memories and the experience of being a Mum to her three children on which the characters of Humphrey, Lottie and baby Jack are based.

The property has experienced the greatest level of success with products targeted at the infant and toddler market and is represented through a large selection of high quality merchandise including:

  • Award winning baby and infant clothing
  • Award winning nursery furniture
  • Nursery bedding and décor
  • Plush toys
  • Feeding products
  • Bath time products
  • Greeting cards
  • Resin collectibles including book ends, photo frames and musicals
  • Melamine feeding
  • Photo Albums and Baby Record Book
  • Bone China infant tableware