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Studio Pets By Myrna


Studio Pets By Myrna is the brain puppy of fashion photographer Myrna Huijing. Myrna’s love for animals and photography is combined in fun, fashion-forward designer products.

Studio Pets are cute baby animals photographed in adorable settings, with stylish props and stunning graphics. Studio Pets are instantly recognizable, irresistible and creative. With hundreds of images to choose from, Studio Pets have inspired many successful merchandise collections around the world.

Whether you choose to build an entire collection around one of our Studio Pets like Pinkie, the adorable Chihuahua, or mix and match Studio Pets together, your personal collection will be totally irresistible.

Brand new!

Every new Studio Pet will have video footage that can be used to make merchandise come to life – literally!  You simply start the Studio Pets app on your tablet or smartphone, point it at your pet, and the app turns the image into a video.

But it doesn’t stop there…

Studio Pets’ key characters are captured as figurines too!  These 3D sculptures give your collection a whole new dimension. They can easily be made into plush toys, charms, zipper pulls, jewelry and more! Have fun showing off your very own 3D Studio Pets.

And when you purchase a Studio Pet, like Pinkie the Chihuahua, you get a download of a virtual Pinkie game. You can play with Pinkie on your smartphone or tablet, pet her, feed her and let her pose in front of the camera. Create your own settings, take her picture and share it with the Studio Pets online community. Our favorites will get their own virtual reality app!

You will also get unique access to the virtual world of Studio Pets with even more games and activities.

A pet imagery brand has never been so unique and complete. With a photo shoot, video footage and 3D figurines that can be used for all types of merchandise, as well as media and virtual reality apps, Studio Pets have become world-class stars.