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Why License a Trademark?

Benefits for the trademark owner 

  • To keep the brand top of mind with consumers
  • To expose the brand in new places and to new consumers via different product categories and retail locations
  • To broaden the appeal of the brand by entering new product areas and markets
  • To create free consumer impressions at retail
  • To reinforce brand identity
  • To reinforce the key values of the brand through the introduction of quality products
  • To build an emotional relationship with the target consumer
  • To allow consumers to demonstrate their loyalty to their chosen brand
  • To allow a consumer to align themselves with a brand that represents a certain lifestyle they wish to be associated with
  • To assist in supporting brand growth and reinforcing brand marketing and advertising programs.
  • Allows complimentary products to be developed that enhance the core brand/product.
  • Drive revenue to the bottom line.

Benefits for the brand licensee 

  • Creates a point of difference from competitive products
  • Provides an opportunity to gain greater retail shelf space and improved margins
  • Reduces the reliance to compete purely on price
  • Can assist in building a broader retail distribution network for products
  • Reduces the risk of product being copied by competitors
  • Provides the opportunity to harness the existing popularity and demand for a well recognized brand on your product category